Bikewright Workshop Project-Diamondback Apex || at the LBS

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The Bikewright Workshop Project has taken me longer than I figured it would and I guess some of that has been by choice. There are so many ways that I could have gone with this build. With hubs, gears, and other parts that it all can be overwhelming at times.

There have been times that I wondered if I should have done this project at all. Would the time and money be better spent on a new adventure bike?

Over the weekend I tried to install a brand new Tange bottom bracket. After a couple of tries, I figure that I need the bottom bracket chased. Since I don't have the tools for that, I needed to enlist my local shop to do that job for me. I think I had my question above answered today by the shop mechanic. After I told him what I needed to be done I got the feedback I was looking for. He said I like it! "I like the bike and Cane Creek brakes levers"!

I feel like if the shop mechanic likes what you are building and he tells you that, then you are doing it right. He gets to work on everything from crap bikes to the latest and greatest.  But working on a project bike like this is just different. There’s putting new life into an old frame. There’s figuring out how to get new or used parts to work together. Most of all is it going to ride like you have been planning. I hope by this time next week I can share pictures with you of the mock-up and a report of its test ride.

Follow the rest of this project at Phase One Completed!


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