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POSTCARD: Old Bazaar|| Skopje, Northern Macedonia

Over the past eight months, I have had the unique opportunity to visit and explore parts of the Balkans and Western Europe. I often struggle with how I can share those experiences here on Navigate to Your Adventure. Trying to keep with the theme of outdoor adventure for the blog has been a little hard to do. I must remind myself that exploring a country or culture doesn't have to be some distance trail or mountain top view. The reminder I needed is just under the title of the blog. Which is "Celebrating the adventurers and independent thinkers who travel by the human spirit." My travels have taken me to Skopje several times, and it has only been for short periods each visit. I see something new and different each time I have been there. On this journey, I detour and go through the Old Bazaar to navigate my way to the city's center.  I wished I had the time to stop and check out the different shops and goods that the vendors had to offer. Definitely, this was a missed

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