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POSTCARD: A Small Treasure || Powhite Park

Trail Armor As the roar of commuter traffic rushes by, I peddle off to get reacquainted with the trail. With each pedal stroke, the traffic is replaced by the rhythmic sound of my tires moving forward. I am greeted by a narrow band of twisty singletrack, the type that uses every bit of topography. As I move forward, my skills are tested by the short steep climbs, fast descents, roots, rocks, and log piles. The trails at Powhite might be the original mountain bike trails in the city. I know they have been around for at least 26 years. A spiderweb of trails that run through a forest of hardwoods and Holly trees makes it hard to know just how many miles are in the 100- acre park. What it lacks in size, it makes up in features that provide a challenge to the most seasoned rider. On my daily commute, I pass the park not to take in what it has to offer. My calendar reminder tells me to plan for outdoor activities. In my mind, it needs to be epic, and I need to go off-grid for a f

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