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Trail Closures Due to Wet Trails and Freeze-Thaw Cycle Explained

  Trail damage caused by higher than normal wet weather. Increased numbers of new mountain bike riders, as well as other new outdoor recreational users, are exploring their local, state, and national parks because of the pandemic. For some of these users, this might be their first experience using these public resources and newfound outdoor activities.  Bicycle shops have experienced a bike boom due to the pandemic, that they probably haven't seen since the bicycle boom of the ’70s. Finding the bike you want might be impossible due to the increased demand. The lack of availability has also created a very strong secondary bicycle market. In my local area, we have some fantastic trails! Urban trails in downtown Richmond, which are part of the James River Park System, and just 25 minutes south of the city, we have an IMBA bronze level ride center at Pocahontas State Park. Which has over 50 miles of trail. One of the frustrating issues that we are seeing now is an increased number of r

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