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Camping Gaz Turbo 270 Conversion for Threaded Fuel Canisters

Camping Gaz Bleuet 206 was my first backpacking stove (mid 80's). It ran on a pierceable butane and propane mixed cartridge, which at the time was available worldwide. The 206 was super easy to use and each cartridge provided 6 hours of cooking time. Just turn the knob and light. There were only two downsides to the stove. Once you pierced the c206 190-gram canister you could not remove the stove until all the fuel was used. Also, the butane and propane mixed canister would freeze in cold weather. I never had an issue with the fuel freezing. 
As a kid each year at Christmas, I would receive one or two new canisters of fuel in my stocking. Anytime I found the canisters on sale I would purchase the 3-4 of them at a time to stock up my supply. I still have a good stockpile of c206 190 gram canisters. 
Years later I purchased Camping Gaz Bleuet 270 Micro Stove which used a sealable CV270 220-gram or CV470 450-gram canisters. This stove was also super easy to use just like the Bleuet …

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