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DANCON MARCH 2022 || Camp Novo Selo, Kosovo

Participants line up to begin the march What is a DANCON March?   DANCON is short for Danish Contingent. The DANCON March is a tradition that goes back to 1972 when the Royal Danish Army was deployed in Cyprus. There is a DANCON event where ever the Danish Contingent mission takes them. The march has taken place in Afghanistan, Bosnia,  Croatia, Kosovo, and Iraq, to name a few.  The march measures the Army's physical preparedness and provides a social event. The march route is located in the countryside close to the Danish Camp.  The march serves as a sign of mutual trust between the local residents and the Danish Contingent. Proceeds from each march are donated to wounded Danish Soldiers and veteran programs. DANCON March requirements: 25km route by foot in varying terrain. 10kg dry weighted pack. In addition to the 10kg is food, water, socks, etc.  Weapons can be part of the load. March must be done in military uniform and boots. 8 hours to complete Can I wear the medal on my uni

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