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Can Mobile Devices be a Backcountry Tool That Replaces Traditional Tools and Skills?

Today more than ever outdoor enthusiasts are using their smartphones and tablets to access digital resources while planning, navigating, and documenting their outdoor pursuits. It's amazing to think that the smartphone that we carry in our pocket today has more computing power than NASA did back when they were trying to get a man in space.

While most of us don't need the computing power of NASA. I wanted to see if my mobile devices could be used as tools during my outdoor activities and could they replace traditional tools and skills. I want to learn more about what digital resources and smartphone apps are available and what value they bring to the experience of my outdoor activities. Will I be a total adopter of technology and leave my map and compass a home? Let’s find out!

This won't be a post about the "Best apps of 2019" or the "10 must-have outdoor apps". A quick internet search will find you those articles and reviews.  This will be a series of…

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