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DIY Strap Keepers for Voile Straps

Everything must have been against me the other day when I wanted to get an hour ride in after working in the yard all day. My front tire was a little low, and need some air before I hit the road. After adding air to the tube my presta valve stem broke but it held air, sweet! I am going to roll and take care of that tube when I get back. I am about four miles from finishing my ride and I hear a pop crack sound. Just snapped the seat rail on my saddle! Not my first time having this happen... I am only four miles from the house I can make it! What could happen next? The valve on my water bottle breaks! Needless to say, I had a lot happening on that ride, but I got my ride in. Let's face it things break, but I hate just throwing parts in the trash. In my area, there just doesn't seem to be a way to easily recycle bicycle components. I hate to throw a tube or tire in the trash. There has to be something you can do with them. After replacing the tube I looked over at my workbench an…

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