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POSTCARD: A New Adventure|| Sharr Mountain Range

The Mountains of Sharr Mountain National Park Back in late October, I posted that I would be changing over to a mobile office set-up. At the same time, I was also working on building a mobile photography kit. It has seemed to have taken me months to assemble the necessary digital gear. The need for a mobile office set-up and a mobile photography kit was simple. They both needed to be lightweight and compact. They needed to be able to integrate with the gear and devices that I already own.   I set a goal for myself to produce better content and better photographs for my blog. Time will tell if I meet that goal, but I have set the groundwork to meet that goal. Sometimes being in the right place. At the right time in the right conditions allows you to capture great images. In my case, it was dumb luck. The above image I took while flying by helicopter. Located over the Sharr Mountain Range, also pronounced  Šar Mountain Range. This section of the range is located in  the Sharr Mountain Na

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