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Outdoor Gear Repair during Social Distancing || Camp Stoves

Over the years I have been the recipient of old outdoor gear that people no longer want. Some of it is good and some of it not so good. Enter the world of camping stoves. I have a collection of propane gas camping stoves in all states of disrepair. Most of these stoves spent their time cooking meals in a Scout Troop.

It has been my experience that if someone gives you a camp stove that was used by a Scout Troop it is going to be nasty and it might be missing some parts. Scouts (teenage boys) learning to camp cook are going to make a mess of a stove and they are not going to take care of the stove.  If there should ever be a test review of camping stoves to know which one is the best or how well they hold up, give it to a Scout Patrol. The Scouts are going to boil water on to the stove, burn food on it that and the food becomes part of the stove, and at some point catch, the stove on fire and my favorite is the stove gets left out overnight in the rain. With all the grease on the stove…

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