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Trail Closures Due to Wet Trails and Freeze-Thaw Cycle Explained

It's that time of the year again when we start to see trail closures to wet trails and freeze-thaw cycles. This article was originally published in February 2021. It's an important trail issue that needs to be revisited. There are probably more impacts that are caused this time of year with flow-designed trail systems due to the nature of their design. This article has been updated January 2024.  Trail damage due to above-normal wet conditions.    Increased numbers of new mountain bike riders and other new outdoor recreational users are exploring their local, state, and national parks because of the pandemic. For some users, this might be their first experience using these public resources and newfound outdoor activities.  Bicycle shops have experienced a bike boom due to the pandemic, that they probably haven't seen since the bicycle boom of the ’70s. Finding the bike you want might be impossible due to the increased demand. The lack of availability has also created a robu

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