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Outdoor Personal Reference Library- From Field Manuals to Stories of adventure

Years ago when I went to the Basic Non-commission Officer Course one of the things they told us that as a Non-commission Officer (NCO) it was not our job to know everything but it is to know where to find the information. We would have a milk crate of Army Regulations (AR's), Field Manuals (FM's), and Technical Manuals (TM's) to reference to find answers to all different things that we must know as an NCO.

This kind of date me but I remember a time when my Sergeant would carry a map bag to the field that would have Field Manuals in it. When we had some dead time the Sergeant would do so hip pocket training and would read or reference the manual to the task, conditions, and standards that we were training on.

If you ever happen to be in the Boy Scouts you might remember that you had a handbook and everything you needed to know about being a Scout and learning Scout skills such as first aid, knots or packing for that first camping trip was in that book. There was also a Tro…

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