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Keep Blisters at Bay to Stay in the Fight || Combat Ready Tactical Body Tape Review

During the predawn hours of the GORUCK Star Course in D.C., a guy (David Fox founder of Combat Ready Tape) came up to me and gave me a free sample of something called Combat Ready Tape. It looked like KT Tape and he explained how much better this was than KT Tape. He said that the Special Operations guys were using it and it was being used in the best Ranger and Sapper competitions. I stuck the tape in a pocket on my ruck and figured if I had any issues I might give it a try later in the event.

As well as I thought I had prepared my feet (good socks and fiction lube) a few hours later and who knows how many miles I had put in I started to get a hotspot on the ball of my foot. I finally get to the point where I need to do something to treat the foot.

I pull the sample of Combat Ready Tape out of my ruck and stuck the precut patch on the ball of my foot. As a person that has used moleskin for blister treatment over the years, the first thing I notice is how thin the Combat Ready Tape i…

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