A Note on Gear & Guides

 A Note On Navigate To Your Adventure Gear & Guides

Regarding gear guides and reviews, this can lead to heated opinionated debate or even mistrust that the review might need to be more transparent or biased (was it a paid review).

So, a note on Gear & Guides- The Gear & Guides posts on Navigate To Your Adventure are the author's opinions alone, based on the author's experience, use of gear in the field, and philosophy. The reader will not find Navigate To Your Adventure providing an unboxing or new product review. All reviews and how-to guides are time-tested to provide a function of use or solve a gear issue for my use. In some cases, I have used the gear for years and in a few cases decades. All gear and kit were either purchased by the author or were issued during military service.

It should also be noted that all Gear & Guides are fluid posts. They can be updated as gear is used new lessons are learned or opinions have shifted (it will be noted at the top of the post if an update has been made). 

Navigate To Your Adventure also looks forward to reader feedback. In the end, it is up to you what you think of our Gear & Guides and determine whether to use that information. The reader should do their own research and determine what is right for their needs. 


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