Bikewright Workshop Project-Diamondback Apex || Phase one Completed!

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Diamondback Apex
First ride after completing the build

At last phase 1 of the Bikewright Workshop Project is complete and I set off for my first test ride. If you are new to the blog go here to read about how this project got started. My process might be wrong or someone else might have used a different method than I have here, but this makes the most sense to me.

 First off, I was not 100% sure that when I started this project this frame was going to fit me. I purchased the frame from an online auction site. I had to go off the listed measurements and match that up to what I was already riding. Sure, only some of the measurements matched up and it was a kind of wait-and-see approach.

There were a couple of different challenges to this build which impacted the whole process. I did a lot of research about touring/mountain touring/trekking and bikepacking. That opens up a big can of worms or in this case choices, What type of gearing did I want? Double or triple crank? What type of shifters? What racks will I use? There is no right answer to any of this!

Once I had an idea of what the build would look like figured it out. The next question is, will it work together? More research to understand what works and what does not. Are the shifters going to work with the derailleurs? Is the handlebar going to work with the stem?

One last challenge is cost. I wanted to keep the cost down as much as I could. Not that I wanted to go the cheap route, but a purpose-built one. Sure, I would have liked to try an Alfine hub, but I could not have justified the cost over the benefit of such a hub.

What was the test ride like? I am totally amazed at how well this bike fits me and how well it handles. The bike is just a blast to ride. So much so that I am thinking about racing in a Mostercross race in February on the bike. One because I think it would be fun and two nobody would be riding anything like it.

Here is the build list:

Frame:                                            1989 Diamondback Apex Tange Chromoly Double-butted Tubing

Front Fork:                                     Chromoly Straight Blade Fork with mid-fork rack eyelets and braze-on

Wheels:                                          32 Spoke WTB Dual Duty Rims and WTB Grease Guard Hubs

Tires:                                              Bontrager Connection 26X1.75

Brakes:                                           Cane Creek SXC-5 Brakes and SRC-5C Levers

Crankset:                                        Truativ Team Stylo 44/32/22

Derailleur (rear):                            9 Speed Shimano XTR

Derailleur (front):                          9 Speed Shimano Deore M590

Shifter F/R:                                    9 Speed Mircoshift Bar End Shifter BS-T09

Cassette:                                         9 Speed Shimano XT

Chain                                              9 Speed KMC X9.93

Handlebar:                                      Origin 8 Gary II Bar

Stem:                                               DiamondBack L130mm, D22.2mm, C25.4mm

Headset:                                          No Name 1"

Bottom Bracket:                              Tange 68X113mm

Seat Post:                                        Gipiemme 26.6mm  Thomson Elite 26.6

Saddle:                                            Selle Anatomica

Phase II will be the racks of bags and other hardware that I will need for camping out.

Phase III will be the framework and paint

If you have questions please commit below.

Follow the rest of this project at Rawland Raidoverks Rando Rack


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