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Diamondback Apex

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It sure has been slow going on this project but it's starting to come to life. I have had all the different types of issues sourcing parts. I needed to find a stem that had a high angle. It took some time but I found a Diamondback Mountain stem online as NOS. The stem length is 130 mm, the steerer tube diameter is 22.2 mm, and the handlebar clamp is 25.4 mm. It also has a brass roller for the routing of the brake cable.

Next, I purchased a set of Cane Creek SRC-5C Brake levers. I also sourced those online. While the description said the levers had all the parts, they did not come with the clamps. Had to source clamps.

Next on the purchase list was the drop bar. I had researched and researched the drop bar I wanted which was an On-One Midge. I searched and searched online and went to my local bike shop with no luck. Yep, found out you can't get them in the USA. I tried looking for a used bar online.

But sourcing a drop bar in black that will fit a 25.4 clamp can be done with an Origin 8 Gary II Bar. What you see in the picture is Gary II which is what you need if you plan on using bar-end shifters. Overall the stem and bar setup sets a little lower than what you would want to with a dirt drop bar. But I think this will have to do.

The wheels are just an extra set I have to use now. I don't know what I am going to do with the wheels/hubs/drive train. But whatever I end up with I will be using bar-end shifters.

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