Bikewright Workshop Project-Diamondback Apex || The first Signs of Life

It sure seems like slow going on this project but its starting to come to life. Before I do any framework or paint I figured this project is better off with a full mock-up first.

It seems like I have had all different types of issues sourcing parts. I found the Diamondback Mountain stem online as NOS. The stem length is 130 mm, the steerer tube diameter is 22.2 mm, the handlebar clamp is 25.4 mm. It also has a brass roller for the routing of the brake cable.

I purchased a set of Cane Creek SRC-5C Brake levers. They are used and did not come with the clamps. Had to source clamps.

Next on the purchase list was the drop bar. I had researched and researched on the drop bar I wanted which was an On One Midge. I searched and searched online and went to my Local Bike shop and could not find one in the USA. Yep, you can't get them. So sourcing a drop bar in black that will fit a 25.4 clamp can be done with an Origin 8 Gary Bar. What you see in the picture is Gary II which is what you need if you plan on using bar-end shifters. Overall the stem and bar set-up sets a little lower than what you would want to with a dirt drop bar. But I think this will have to do.

The wheels are just an extra set that I have to use for now. I am not totally sure what I am going to do with the wheels/hubs/drive train. But whatever I end up with I will be using bar-end shifters.


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