POSTCARD:Sunrise || The Alantic Coast

As I look out into the dark morning. I see a string of lights from ships that dot the horizon. They seem as still as time Itself. I can only wonder if they are fishing ships harvesting the fresh catch of the day. Or cargo ships waiting their turn to offload at Port.

The only thing stirring is a gentle breeze blowing off the ocean. The waves roll in instead of crashing on the beach. 

Before the sun rises above the horizon to mark the start of a new day. The dark sky gives itself away to pink and blue hues that brighten the early morning sky.

Time has been a premium for the last month, and this morning is no different. Time is something that we can't get back when it is gone. It takes planning and effort to fit in experiences so we don't let time take them away. 

Catching a sunrise was on my to-do list for this year. That sunrise is there every day but I had to take the time to see it. 

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