POSTCARD: Pipeline Rapids || James River Park System

Pipeline Rapids James River, James River Park System
The eastern edge of the Pipeline Rapids

I use some part of the downtown trail system throughout the year to get my morning workouts in. I feel lucky that I have access to a park like the James River Trail System. The downtown trails make up an urban wilderness. There are unlimited routes. That can be taken by connecting concrete paths to greenspaces and dirt trails.

Like most people, I am a creature of habit and either run or ruck the same routes. While the efforts are there. The same routines hold me back from moving forward and achieving the goals that I have set for myself.

It was a cold morning, and at the last minute, I decided to change the direction of the route I was going to take. About 15 minutes into my ruck. I cross the eastern edge of the Pipeline Rapids of the James. By one of the many bridges that bisect the downtown area of the river.

I have crossed this section of the river a hundred times before, but not in the direction I took that morning. The water level was higher than normal, and the trees made it look colder than it was. The sun was hitting the buildings of the downtown skyline with a beautiful orange hue. Looking back up at the river was an amazing vista that I had to capture the moment.

The image at the post's being was captured by changing direction that morning. One, I would have missed it if I kept with my regular routine. That vista inspired me that morning to a small change. A decision can make amazing results, and I am the only person that can make the change. 

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