Camillus "Demo Knife" Review

The name lives on but the knife does not. Camillus closed it's doors a few years ago and another company purchased the intellectual properties of Camillus. For years Camillus furnished knives to the Armed Forces. If you want to read a little history of the knife go here. The author of the site did a great job!

Below is what is known as the Camillus Model 1760 (which is the Army version) "Demo Knife". The two I have are a 1981 and 1991 model. Nothing changed over the years.

Here I show the knives open and you can see that the stamped U.S. on one side.

I think for a camping knife they are perfect.

The "Demo Knife" is an all stainless steel knife that I would say it is a bit overbuilt. I believe you could use the bale as a snatch block. It's not loaded to bear with a lot of tools, but I think you will find that you do not need anymore. The knife has a blade, can opener, flat head screwdriver, awl, and a bottle opener.

The "Demo Knife" was not a refined knife in its craftsmanship. If you are looking for something nicer, that would have been the Victorinox Soldier or Pioneer. I had a Pioneer (that I lost) and that would have been my go-to knife over the "Demo Knife".

If you are looking for a knife for camping, backpacking, bikepacking I believe The "Demo Knife"  might be the bombproof knife that you are looking for. You can still find them at gun shows and online auction site. You might look at paying $35 for a used Camillus knife. If you find it for less jump on it. Or a new one Which is called 2205 Military Scout

There will be no follow-up post on how the knife is doing. I have had the 1981 knife since 1985 and it is doing well!


Ken Cook said…
You've got a really great blog, lots of interesting reading. Thanks for the link to my article. That was a long time ago but I had a lot of fun putting it together.

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