POSTCARD: Canal Walk || James River Park System

Canal Walk

It was early morning. As I took the center pedestrian bridge that crossed over the canal to reach Brown's Inland. That's where the opportunity presented itself. I had scouted out a vantage point a few days earlier, in which to take a photo of the historic Main Street Train Station.  This time of year, the train station is decorated and lit for Christmas.

I have crossed over to the inland by this bridge countless mornings before today. I an never seen it as in the photograph above. Maybe that view has been there all the time. But I have been focused on getting my morning workouts in and never noticed it. On that day it was the right time and the right conditions. That provided the opportunity for this experience. Whatever it was, I am glad I was able to capture that moment.

My Postcard series is my take on the modern version of the postcard. It's normally one picture with a narrative to capture and share an experience with you the reader. As with all the images on this blog, I either take them with my smartphone or GoPro. The image above. Was taken with my smartphone using an app called Open Camera available for Android. I edited the photo with Snapseed available for iOS and Android. 

While most of us are out following our outdoor pursuits. The only camera that we might have with us is the one in our pocket, our smartphone, or maybe an action camera in our pack. I know for sure that I don't know how to use these tools to their potential. 

So, it looks like the opportunity has presented itself for me to up my game on my mobile photography. One which will bring a higher quality of images and video to the blog. I hope that those images capture the moments that I want to remember and inspire you to get out and find yours.

Now It's Your Turn-
I would like to hear about the tips, tricks, and gear that you use with your smartphone/mobile photography.

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