POSTCARD: Embracing Stillness and Finding Clarity in Nature

 " Be the person your dog thinks you are"

- J.W. Stevens

Man's best friend observes our surroundings. Always vigilant!

I took this image about two months after returning from a deployment. I had been going 100mph for over 330 days in a world different than my family and friends. Even after returning home, I felt like I needed to keep moving or doing something.

Lucky for me I have access to an 8,000-acre state park just out my backdoor. This is a place where I could take our two over-friendly dogs for a walk. Taking the dogs for a walk helped me transition back from the chaos. 

I think this image captures what I was looking for. I was finally okay to embrace stillness. I didn't have to go 100mph to feel I was doing something productive. Giving myself time to be still allowed me time to reset myself, and being in nature with man's best friend allowed me to find clarity. That clarity allowed me to face challenges, embrace opportunities, and plan a path forward.

Maybe our dogs know what we need, better than we do.

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