POSTCARD: Livadh Lake || Sharr Mountain Range

POSTCARD Konjushka's Lake Sharr Montain Range
The Peak of Ljubuten "Big. Duke" can be seen in the distance.

It could be unfair to say how I reached this part of the mountains and why I was there. It wasn't a day for me but a celebration for someone else. As soon as I stepped on the lush alpine grass and breathed in the cool mountain air. My thoughts instantly transported me from my mundane routine to pure enjoyment, if only for an hour. 

It's a difficult feeling to explain. My senses were overloaded, and I was trying to absorb all of it. The raw beauty of the mountains. The alpine grass is only touched by wild sheep and the cool crisp mountain air. It was a surreal experience. I guess that's why this spot in the Sharr Mountains is also pronounced Šar Mountains to me so epic. My time here was limited, and I knew there was a good chance that I would never be back again.

While the location of the glacial waters of Livadh Lake is not a secret. I feel like they should be. The northernmost lake in the Sharr Mountains is 2173m/7129ft. It lies between the foot of  Tumba Peak and Maja Livadh Peak. While I didn't reach here on foot. You can access the area via a host of different routes.

POSTCARD Konjushka's Lake Sharr Mountain Range
The glacial waters of Livadh Lake.

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