CVOC Orienteering at Albright's Scout Reservation March 2018

Another weekend of orienteering!  This meet was held at Albright Scout Reservation. ABSR is a place that I hold near and dear. Albright was the first camp out I did as a Scout. It was also during a camporee that I was tapped out for the Order of the Arrow.

CVOC had a 1200 start and I selected to do the green course. I didn't take a picture of the hold map because I wanted to focus on control number 3. I made a map reading error at this control.  I saw a small footbridge and thought I was at the right creek and I found the fence that is in the woods.  After making a quick search for the control I figured I was in the wrong place and I was fitting the terrain to the map.

Working on controls 4,5 and 6 I used the compass to get my heading because those controls were between 375-425 meters. While that is not that far the terrain is flatter and harder to read. This method worked out well for me. I was either dead on the control or I found the control with limited searching.

Last week I was challenged with international control descriptions and this week it was a control description of "vernal pond". Control number 13 was the vernal pond. As you can see it is a small body of water compared to the other ponds. I heard one Scout ask where's the water?  The vernal pond was the size of a hole you would get from where a large tree has fallen over and you are left with a big hole at the root stock. I thought it was another control from another course at first.

CVOC Orienteering Albrights March 2018
CVOC Green Course Map

17 Scouts worked on their orienteering merit badge over the weekend