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Damaged Gipiemme Seatpost

Well, this is one of the three problems...After riding about twenty-five miles I got off my bike and the nose of my Selle Anatomica was pointing up more than it should. Now I know why and I am not sure what caused this. I also found out that my seat rails on the Selle Anatomica were bent. I don't know if getting the saddle level and not knowing the rails were bent was part of the problem, and that I adjusted the seat clamp too much to get the saddle level or the metal was soft.

After doing some research on the web there seemed to have been an issue with the rails on the saddles and they had made a harden replacement. But of course, my saddle was out of warranty. They only came with a year's warranty. You guessed it I am past the warranty. Well, I sent it off to be repaired because you can ride on that saddle all day without any problems. I just hope the new and improved rails work!

Damaged Gipiemme

There also must be a burr in the seat tube that I cannot find and this post was almost stuck. The post is a 26.6 mm and its tight but I have never had a post get damaged like this. I figured I got the post online and there might have been an issue with the post or it was a second. I have had that happen to me on some saddles that I purchase before. Buyer beware as they say!

Just need to do this right and be done with it right? So I purchased a Thomson seatpost and it does not fit... I mean it's by a hair. I don't know if its just over spec or what. I pulled a post off my Bridgestone and that works so I the 26.6mm is the right size.

So what do I do now? I am still working on that! Stay tuned.


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