Public Servive Announcements!

This is a public service announcement! Pocahontas State Park will be closing the Morgan and Lakeview MTB trail systems on Friday, April 29th, and Saturday, April 30th to host the Ragnar Trail Relay series.

The Swift Creek Trail System (Blueberry, Bell, and Gateway) will be available to riders but it has been asked that you keep in mind the limited parking available for these trails. Please keep in mind that this event is expected to be a substantial fundraiser for the Friends of Pocahontas State Park (the money will go back into the park to fund projects) and your support in this endeavor is appreciated. It is asked that you consider enjoying the trails at another (Powhite, James River Park System-Forest Hill) facility of your choosing during these two days.

On another note, a service that the Friends of Pocahontas State Park started this winter is an Automated Daily Mountain Bike Trail Conditions and Closure Information Alert. If you text "POCA" to 804-292-2939 you will receive a text when conditions at the park close down all or parts of the trail system. This text is sent out by 6:30 a.m... The reader will tell you how many trails are closed and open and there is a link to the Friends website that will list those trails as either open or closed. If you text the word "ALL" you will receive an alert daily even if all trails are open.

Know your data plan if you have a limit to the text that you can receive! This should help riders decide whether to head to the trails due to closures.

Over at RVA News 
Great article on the Do's and Don't of using the James River Park. This list of Do's and Don't can be for any park. The bad thing is that I don't think that article or this blog is reaching the folks causing the problems.

So that's the PSA for today. Enjoy yourself in the great outdoors and take the time out to volunteer with a trail group or Friend's group. Give back to what you enjoy!


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