GORUCK Challenge Class 800, Richmond VA 2013 | AAR

Not too long after I made this post "Blog Post Dump" I was so anti-mud run and was looking to do an event that had more meaning to it than trash my clothes and drink beer and have a party.

I soon found what I was looking for, a GORUCK Challenge. You ask what is a GORUCK Challenge? Well, it's just best that you go here because that is where I started. You can search the web to find out what others have posted and you still might not get a good picture of what it is all about. That's a good thing because part of the not knowing is part of the challenge. A GORUCK Challenge is both mental and physical and the metal is going to get you to the end. Well as they call it on the GORUCK website it's "Good Living".

My plan was to do the event with my stepson since he just got out of the Marines and GORUCK was having a Challenge on his birthday. I know most people would not want such a gift! Well, that did not work out and I had to make plans to do one on my own.


GORUCK Tough Class 800
My Loadout for the GORUCK Tough

Let's talk about gear. I did not go out and purchase one of the GORUCK models of packs. Instead, I use my pack from work which was a Kelty Strike. I also used a Source Reservoir. I had an older model Petzl Tikka. I also packed an Adventure Medical UL/WT .3. Some food, ID and $20, a runner belt, gloves, a pair of socks, and a glow stick. Oh, I almost forgot the most important piece of gear of all 6 bricks. If you are under 150lbs you carry 4 bricks. I did not weigh my pack because it didn't matter I had to carry 6 bricks plus water and everything else that I listed. I guess the pack was around 45-47 lbs.

The only item that I did not use was the socks because they were wet...Learn from my mistake.

The challenge is not a race but a team event. Everyone needs to work together as a team to get everyone to the end which might be 8 to 10 hours later. If you are doing the challenge with a buddy then you will walk away with a strong bond and stronger friendship. If you were doing the event by yourself then you have a team of friends for life. I came away with something different. One of the places that we stopped at was the Virginia War Memorial. We took about 10 minutes or so to look at the names of all the Heroes on the wall. I had a friend that was one of those Heroes Staff Sergeant Darryl Booker. This was a very hard thing for me and I had to leave the Memorial to regain composure.

After starting with 17 individuals class 800 finished as a team 9 hours and 26 minutes later.

On the steps of the Virginia State Capitol 

GORUCK Tough Class 800 Richmond Virginia
Group photo in front of the State Capitol

I can now take my place as a GORUCK Challenge Alumni and I will wear my GORUCK patch proud!

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