CVOC Night-Orienteering at Iron Bridge Park June 2011

Last night David and I hit the local park for a night orienteering event. It is the same as a regular orienteering event other than it's at night. We got there at 2100hrs so it would be good and dark. It's only going to be so dark with the lights from the ballfields...

We did the advanced course which had 19 controls that we needed to find. Looking at the right of the map you will see a # 11 with S/F just to the upper left. This is the starting and finishing point. We ran our course counterclockwise. Control # 2 was hard to get to from control # 3. We could see the light from somebody looking for control. We went to the road to a horseshoe loop for there I took an azimuth and lead David to the control. We found the control before the other guy and he was a little pissed.

Now controls # 20, 19, and 18 are in this field and the grass and whatever else was in the field up to our pockets. It was the right conditions for a bank of fog to roll in over the field. I know I had a hard time seeing with my Petzl Tikka and could have used a more powerful light (note to self, search for a new light).

The total time was 80 mins on the course and we found all 19 controls. It was a fun event and I was glad to do this as a team. I think it made it more fun.

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