Scouting Things Out

It seems that my planning have been off for the last couple of months. Plans to get a workout, ride, or whatever has been just off for me. This past Tuesday was no different. I had taken the day off to scout out some new trail, well new to me. If you remember back to this post I had taken a hike with my little one and a friend and all the time I was thing this would be a cool place to ride on a cross bike.

Well back then I did not have a cross bike and since I have got mine rolling now I have been wanting to get down there and ride. And here you go!

Canal Gate

If you look back at the map on the last post these pictures where taken from points 3 to 1 on the map. I only got to ride the western end of the trail. I ran out of time to finish up going east on the trail.

As far as places to go ride and see something different and making an adventure this is about as far south as you can go. Because this is south of southside of the river.

Say tune as I get the whole route mapped out.


Dan O said…
Looks like a nice ride. Glad to see the new 'cross bike is getting some use.

I always enjoy seeing the east coast woods pics - reminds me of home.

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