Bikewright Workshop Project- UNIVEGA Alpina Sport || UPDATE

Here is my last post on my Univega project. It has been a very slow project for me. There where times that I should have done work on the bike but had to work on my own stuff and other times I just did not feel up to it. It has also been slow to be able to find the parts I needed at a low cost.

Here is the updated picture of the bike. The last thing I am working on is the drive train. The front D that we ordered off of eBay is the wrong one. I mean the wrong one that was sent. It needs to be a top pull and it is a bottom. Once I get past that the bike will be done.

Here is a picture of part of a donor bike that I just received. Can you guess what it is?

If you guess a Proflex you where right. If you guess a 455 Proflex you hit the nail on the head. Everything that I read about the Proflex is that the elastomers would get hard and as you can see that is not the case with this one. The picture was taken one week ago and now the elastomer has totally melted away.

Back-in-the-day I wanted a Proflex with a Girvin Shock. That never happen! If this bike had been one of the 855 or up I would think about rebuilding the bike. But the 455 was a low-end model and to find an elastomer would be like finding the Ark.


Dan O said…
Nice project bike.

Those bumpers look like melted donuts. Probably wouldn't taste too good though.

You may be able to get replacements from this place, they sell replacement parts for vintage forks:

I almost bought a high end ProFlex back in the day. At the time, ProFlex made some actual rideable full-suspension bikes. One of the better bikes of that early era of full suspension.

After ProFlex was bought by K2, that appeared to be the end of it all. I still get a kick out of seeing a ProFlex being ridden.
zbsports said…
Great post there, I like your post it is so interesting. Keep up the good post.
Tiny said…
I have a univega 703 that I am customizing to fit me I'm pretty tiny so any good ideas would be greatly appreciated...Tiny
Unknown said…
Hi Bikewright, just an update on the Univega. I have been riding it daily and I have had a lot of positive comments about it. The local bike shop even took a look at it and was amazed at how good a shape its in. Thanks for a great bike!
CF, Thanks for the update! Glad to hear its still rollin!

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