Bikewright Workshop Project-UNIVEGA Alpina Sport | The Starting Point

A couple of weeks ago one of our local riders aka Dirt had posted on the local forum that he had some parts that he was selling. A couple of days later he posted that he also had a free Univega frame. I was lucky enough to get my hands on it.

I had a friend that I use to ride with back in the mid to late '90s named Mark Winbourne. He had a Univega and he could ride like butter. So I was looking forward to doing something with this frame. What I was going to do with it I had no idea.

About a week later, one of the guys in my unit said he wanted to start commuting to work but needed a better bike. I told him that I had the frame for him. So this is going to be a commuter bike project.

Looking around the Bikewright Command Center aka garage I found that I had a lot of old parts that would work well for this project.

Univega Alpina Sport

I did a little research on the bike and found that I think it is a 1993 and sold for around $525. There is not a lot on the retro/vintage bike sites on Univegas other than "we need to see more Univegas".

It looks as if this bike will sport some type of LX package on it. The wheels I have are an old set of Specialized Z-21 26X 1.50 rims with Deore LX HB-M563 hubs. I hope a little truing is all it will take to keep them rolling for many more miles. I also have a NOS LX crank, a Ritchey ProLite bar, and 800 X-Ray Grip Shifters.

The frame is in great shape with the normal paint wear and just will need a good cleaning and wax. I have been thinking about treating the inside of the frame but I don't think this is going to be an all-weather commuter.

So let's see how far I get with this thing over the weekend.


Dan O said…
During my bike shop days of the early '80s, we sold Univega. If I remember correctly, Univega was actually made by Miyata - that we also sold.

They were decent to high quality bikes at the time, made in Japan.

Looks like a fun project. Looking forward to your posts with the progress.
silecoscaru said…
i have this bike and i love it :X is very light weight and it runs very smoothly
Dakota said…
I have a Univega Alpine Sport that I bought used around 1996. As I recall it was only a couple of years old. I want to sell it. What do I need to look for on the bike to give all the specifics. I have no idea of what to ask for the bike.

Brian Wright- said…
Dakota- Just to a google search. Somewhere out there I found all the specs on the bike. You would need to see if the samethings are on the bike that you have. I did find a frame on ebay and they where asking $50.
silecoscaru said…
i have all the original components :)
silecoscaru said…!/druncea.silviu
Unknown said…
I was very happy to come across photos of this wonderful frame in that color scheme and I enjoyed the post. I also have fond memories of this very bike, as it was my first real trail-worthy one, and I was wondering where your project ended up. Hope she's alive and rolling. :)
Thanks Forest for leaving the comment. I have to say the the UNIVEGA Alpina Sport post are the most viewed post on the blog. Back in the mid-90's I had a friend that rode a Univega and that guy could ride!

The project ended up with a guy in my unit and is locked to the stairwell in the building as of a week ago.

I told him when he does not want the bike anymore I would buy it back from him!
Unknown said…
Great news! Thanks for the info. Here's to hoping! I have a connection on my old bike as well in case anyone is out there is dying to find a medium plum/silver fade ... :)

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