Bikewright Workshop Project 1986 Bridgestone MB-1| Part II

This is the second post in our series on Bikewright Work Shop Project 1986 Bridgestone MB-1. Check out our previous post at Bikewright Workshop Project 1986 Bridgestone MB-1 Part I

The frame is stripped down other than the Shimano 600 headset

All the parts have been stripped from the frame. Next is to do a good cleaning and treat it with Frame Saver. My first thought is to have the frame repainted but I think leaving it as it displays the character of the bike and the rider before me. We will wait until I have cleaned and waxed the frame to see what I end up doing. I will leave you a series of close up photos of the frame and fork.

Left-hand side brake mounts and CrMo sticker

I have no idea what caused the scoring on the steer tube. At one time this bike had a front rack installed

Seat tube details. You can see a rubbed section on the bottom of the top tube from cable routing.

Bridgestone logo shows some wear 

The head badge logo is in great shape. 

4130 sticker on the lower end of the seat tube

The left side of the bottom bracket showing the cable routing for the front derailleur  

Love them or hate them the brake mounts for the roller cam brakes

Mount for holding the chain out of the way

The right side of the bottom bracket showing the detail of the cable routing for the rear derailleur 

As you can see there is not one section on this frame that the paint is not worn, chipped, or marked up. Some of it was from cable routing, mounting of frame racks, frame pump or other items. Even the shark fin chainstay protector was not up to the task of fully protecting the chainstay. While I wished the paint was in better shape it shows me that this Bridgestone was ridden back in the day. Back when there weren't mountain bike trails but trails that needed exploring. Maybe the early days of mountain biking are much like gravel riding and bikepacking is today. It has just been reinvented.

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