Andrew's Bike

This is Andrew's 1996 Specialized Stumpjumper that I have been working on. When he gave it to me to work on all the parts were in a plastic bag. This bike is in good shape and just needed a good cleaning. The drive train started out as bad as my Bridgestone. I have no idea what some people use as chain oil.

There have been a couple of issues with the bike. First was the housing at the fixing bolt on the 800 X-ray shifters was cracked. They came off OK but came apart when I went to put them back on. I just so happen to have a spare set that I used. I was able to save the gray grips. I have seen black, red, yellow, green & purple grip covers but never gray. It would be cool to find some NOS ones. I bet they would go for some serious bucks! The next issue that I have is the brakes. This bike did not come with V-brakes it came with cantilever brakes. I know you say what's the problem? Well, there is no cable stop on the rear of the top tube. There is a cable guide that runs around the side of the seat tube and comes out the middle of the seat tube. This would have lined up the brake cable to the cable pull. I think that's what it was called. Because of this, I can not get good routing of the cable to the rear V-brake.

I think the only way to solve the issue is to go back to a cantilever brake. I guess he could eBay for an old set of LX brakes, but I think a new set of Avid Shorty 4's would look great on this bike. A new modern brake that still has a retro look. I need some brakes, Andrew!!

A set of Ritchey grips would help keep it old school, but if it was my bike I would have to go with a set of Ergon grips. The Ergon grips are the best grips that you can use with a rigid fork. I have some on my Bontrager.


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