Where Planning Becomes Reality

Where planning becomes a reality.

Recently on a visit to Munich Germany. I had the opportunity to visit a store of the largest independent outdoor retailer in Germany. Out of all the gear and gadgets that could have lured me out of my sense and money. I was totally mesmerized by their map and outdoor book section.

Most outdoor retailers in the United States have a minimal magazine, outdoor book, and map section. At best, most of these sections could fit in a small car's trunk! But this store was on hold another level. Plus there was a small staff of experts to help with tour planning and equipment rental.

While I couldn't capture the entire department in pictures. What stood out to me was the planning table. Pictured above, the table must have been 10-12 feet long. A series of maps laid under glass. On the side of the table were little cubby holes that held the map sectionals. Reference the main map to find the sectional you need for your particular excursion. 

At this point, my mind drifted to what adventures and epic getaways could be dreamed up. Reading Guidebooks and pouring over maps to find the details is something that I enjoy. For me, this is part of the journey. It's not the same experience in the digital form. You have to be able to unfold the map and highlight a route. You have to make your own notes in the margins of the book. You have to be able to capture the plan. More importantly, you have to make it your own. You cannot live someone else's experience. You have to get out there and do it.

While my trip to Munich didn't lead me to a trip to a mountain hut or summit. It led me to urban hiking and exploring the maze of trails in the parks and urban greenways throughout the city. This in itself was an amazing experience.

Now It's Your Turn-

I invite you to leave a comment. Do you have a collection of guidebooks and maps? Do you use only digital resources? Let me know how you dream up your adventures.

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