DIY Strap Keepers for Voile Straps


DIY Strap Keepers for Voile Straps made from old inter tube
Strap keepers from an old intertube. 

Everything must have been against me the other day when I wanted to get an hour's ride in after working in the yard all day. My front tire was a little low, and I needed some air before I hit the road. After adding air to the tire my Presta valve stem broke, but it held air, sweet! I will roll and take care of that tube when I get back. 

I am about four miles from finishing my ride, and I hear a pop-crack sound. Just snapped the seat rail on my saddle! Not my first time having this happen... I'm only four miles from the house I can make it! What could happen next? The valve on my water bottle breaks! Needless to say, I had a lot happening on that ride, but I got my ride in. 

Let's face it things break, but I hate just throwing parts in the trash. In my area, there isn't a way to easily recycle bicycle components. I hate to throw a tube or tire in the trash. There has to be something you can do with them. 

After replacing the tube, I looked over at my workbench and saw a Voile strap lying on the workbench. That's when it hit me, I could use the tube to make strap keepers for my Voile straps. I am new to the Voile strap world, but I like them they are easy to use, and they have infinite uses. The one thing that drives me crazy about the strap is there is nothing to keep the tail neat and in place. 

DIY Strap Keepers for Voile Straps made from old inter tube
A simple solution to two different problems.

A 700cc x18-23mm tube is just the right size to make a strap keeper for a Voile strap. As you can see in the picture above, I cut 3/8th inch bands from the intertube. Just slide the band on the belt, and when you put the strap around whatever you are securing, you can slide the band over the tail of the strap-like I did in the picture above. 

There you have it! A simple solution to two different problems. How to recycle a tube and how to keep a tail to a Voile strap secured. Should be able to get a few more miles out of that tube!

Now It's Your Turn- 

Leave a comment on how you find solutions to problems using old Intertubes. I would like to hear about your ideas. 

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