Banff Mountain World Tour 2018

It's that time of the year when the Banff Mountain World Tour makes its way to my neck of the woods. This year I could only get a ticket for the 1st night.

That night did not disappoint and like always the movies covered different subjects.
Imagination: Featured Tom Wallisch and was an urban skiing film. The concept was a kid sitting in the backseat of the family vehicle gazing out the window imagining skiing and using his fingers to make jumps.

While his parents are in the front talking about who knows what, Tom Wallisch skis into the daydream making it a reality for the kid and the viewer.  The parents do not see the skier because it is only in the imagination of the kid.

The Last Honey Hunter of Nepal's Kulunge people. This was an amazing film around 40 minutes long. The Kulunge people climb handmade ladders to climb the cliffs to gather hallucinogenic honey.  These guys climbed what seems like hundreds of feet to get the honeycomb of the largest bees in Nepal. The honeycomb was huge and covered with thousands of bees. Armed with a smokey fire at the bottom of the cliffs and a cheesecloth head cover for protection.  They climbed bear foot and bare-handed.
Banff brings out the reminder to me that amazing people are doing amazing things, but also there are millions of people in this world that live life in very remote and straightforward ways.
You need to do yourself a favor and see a night of great films with friends.


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