Banff Mountain World Tour 2017


This must be the 5th Banff Mountain World Tour post that I have put on the blog. This was the second year there was a 3 night showing at the venue I attended. They showed a total of 24 films two of which were special edits for the show.

One of the things I like about the films is that they are about as diverse as the great outdoors. Ever heard of canicross, scooterjoring, or skijoring? Neither had I and I am not going to tell you what it is. Go to a Banff World Tour and see for yourself.
I will leave you with three trailers of the films I enjoyed the most.

Elk River

Danny MacAskill Wee Day Out

The outtakes for Wee Day Out were great!

Doing it Scared

This was the best film. I hope you can catch a showing of the Banff Mountain World Tour and enjoy and be inspired by outdoor films


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