Winter Sports of Sorts

Winter finally came this past weekend and gave us the gift of snow. It has been years since we had a snowstorm like this one and this one went in the record books as the 11th most significant snowfall for the Richmond Virginia area. With totals in the 11-16 inch range.

I love the snow and I love to get out in it. This year also let me break out my Atlas 930 snowshoes. My friend "G" had just bought his first pair of snowshoes and had been dying to use them. So people you can blame "G" for the snow if you don't like it.

Just a little ways from the house it's time to peel off a couple of layers. Snowshoeing is a great workout and you will warm up fast. I guess at this point we have 6-8 inches of fresh snow on the trail. We are using different brands of shoes but both are the same size at 30 inches.

We have to be the only people in the park and it's cool to be able to lay the first tracks in the snow.

This was just a great spot to catch a video of the snow coming down. At this point, we had only been out 30-40 mins and the conditions started to get worst. The wind picked up and that caused low visibility and drifts. I am standing behind an information board to shelter myself from the snow and wind.

Here's a cool picture I took with an app on my phone. Still trying to figure out how it works and how good the information is.

This morning was a day off from work and the gym. But I still wanted to get a workout in and snowshoeing by moonlight changes things a bit.

The snow-covered trails are calling my name again in the morning.



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