Stay Off The Trails!! Until It Dries Out!!

We have been seeing a lot of rain for the last four days. Most of the mountain bike trails in the Richmond Virginia area have seen a total rain fall of over 3 1/2 inches during that time. A good guide is for every inch of rain that a trail system gets riders should stay off the trail for 24 hours.

With  mild temperatures and people getting new bikes for Christmas or folks are off from work they want to get out and ride. I ask of you to take a few more days off the trail. Ride the road or better yet ride the Virginia Capital Trail. 

Here's the thing. Riding wet and muddy trails is not cool. This does not set well with land mangers and makes for more work for trail volunteers to fix. That's right fellow bikers volunteer to work on making and maintaining the trail systems.

Here are some resources to you can use to check out the conditions of the trails and join to help keep up the places that you like to ride. If you don't have the time to help then donate! Your money will help support the trails.


RVA Trail Report