Post Crash Check- It's Time for a Replacement!

Well, I successfully managed to damage my helmet while I was out riding the other day. I misjudged my speed on a roller and hit the face of the next jump. I heard the helmet crack when I hit the ground. Once I got myself together I couldn't see any damage to the helmet.

So I took another look tonight and as you can see from the picture above there is an impact mark to the front. It was hard to see on the inside but in the picture below my finger is pointing to the crack.

I have had all types of name-brand helmets over the years and I liked this one the best. It is a Uvex Sport Boss RS. My replacement will be a Uvex. Why you might ask? It fits! A helmet is no good to you if it does not fit you. For me, the Uvex fits like a glove and it is lightweight.

If you take a spill to take the time to check all of your equipment to make sure it's safe!


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