First Ride of the Richmond Regional Ride Center Trails at Pocahontas State Park

I ventured to the north side of the park to take my first ride of the new trails which are part of the Richmond Regional Ride Center. The trailhead to the Blueberry Trail is easy to find. Just across the bridge at Swift Creek Lake. The Blueberry Trail is rated as a beginner.

Not too far up the trail, the Virginia Forest Service had to do their handy work on the trail due to a lightning strike.

During my first few minutes on the Blueberry, I did not think much about it. I would call it a double-track raised trail. Meaning you would have no issues overtaking a rider, and they have brought in a base of loamy soil to build the trail up. I started to hit the rollers and was able to get some jumps in and the trail started to be really fun.

The picture above is what is called the "Hub" This is a point where the Blueberry and Gateway trails meet. It's not like you can get lost because you enter and exit the trails at one central point. The Blueberry trail does cross over a couple of the forest roads and if you had to bail out it might be hard at first to know which way to go on the forest road to get back to the start.

Now the Gateway trail is made up of a raised red clay base. Got to love Chesterfield County red clay!

Dry this trail is hard and super fast! The term hard pack comes to mind. There are also some trail features that you can ride.

I did ride the Bell Trail which has a series of rollers and jumps. This type of trail riding is new to me and I had a great time but I have some skills I need to work on.


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