CVOC Orienteering at Iron Bridge Park June 2015

Better known to locals as Iron Bridge Park, was the location of another orienteering meet that the Central Virginia Orienteering Club hosted. I signed up for the orange course which was done a little differently. It was a two-map course.

CVOC Iron Bride Orange 1
Orange Course Map 1

Once completing map 1 you would check-in and be given map 2. I lost some time during this part of the course. I had asked if I get a break and then go out again or do I keep going? I was told I could break which I needed water anyhow but I did not know the clock was still running. Once I found that out I got my map and went out for the second leg of the course on map 2.

CVOC Iron Bridge Orange 2
Orange Course Map 2

I made two navigation errors. The first error was map 1 control 6. On my way to control 6, I saw a park boundary marker and figured the pond had to be inside the park left in the woods. Nope, it was just outside the park by about 60 ft. Error two was on map 2 and it was about to control 6. By this time the brutal heat was getting the best of me and I made a right-hand turn when I should have made a left.

Some of the skills that I worked on were measuring distance and using pace count. I had to use this twice because the area had a lot of trees down due to storms over the past few years and another area was an in & out control pick-up that I have had issues with in that area before.

I need to get more running into my workouts and continue to work on reading the map at speed.


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