A Dad and Daughter Outing

Took a day last week to have a little one-on-one outing with my daughter. This was the second time that we have gone on a canoe outing. I believe we were the first customers of the day at the canoe and kayak rental service that the park has. For a person that does not own a canoe, the park rental service is a great deal.

We were able to rent a two-person Old Town canoe with PFD and paddles for two for a two-hour time period for $16. You cannot go to the movies that cheap.

Swift Creek Lake is a 300-acre lake in the heart of Pocahontas State Park.

Our plan was to paddle out to see the eagle's nest. It took us almost an hour to paddle out to the area of the nest. But navigating from the water to where things are on land is a little harder than I thought it would be. Once we got to the nest location I was not sure my daughter had seen it.

With an hour paddle back we catch some of the birds that call the lake their home.

After taking a lunch break, we head to another location in the park so we can hike to the eagle's nest. After a 30 minute hike, we make it to our objective.

No eagle's in the nest. That's okay! We had a great time and a great adventure.


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