Is Richmond Becoming A Cycling City?

Do you remember the Coors International Bicycle Classic? How about the Tour De Trump and the Tour De DuPont? This was the American road stage racing back in (Coors Classic 1980-1988), (Trump 1989-1990) and (DuPont 1991-1996). The Tour De DuPont was intended to become North America's road cycling event and have prestige to the Tour De France. In 1996 DuPont dropped its sponsorship of the race and that was the end of that.

All those races came to Richmond and other cities in Virginia. I remember as a kid watching the Coors Classic racing through William Byrd Park and I watched the last race of the Tour De DuPont in downtown Richmond and the next day the stage started off at Chesterfield Town Center Mall.

In 2015 road racing will be back in Richmond! The 2015 UCI World Championship will race in Downtown Richmond. The Course map was released a few weeks ago. The Map of the Team Time Trial (TTT) can be found here. The Time Trial Circuit (TTC) can be found here. The Men's Elite Individual Time Trial (ITT) is here. The Road Circuit which looks like it covers some of the same routes as the Tour De DuPont can be found here and the six corners American Criterium is found here.

But the test for all of this will be the 2014 Collegiate Road Nationals being held from 2-4 May 2014. I hope to catch two days of racing. Check out all the happenings here.

I don't want to forget what is happening for the trails. Richmond Ride Center a "Ride Center" will be an official designation of the International Mountain Biking Association for the collection of single track mountain bike trails that offer outstanding recreational opportunities for all skill levels. What will be cool about this Ride Center is that it will include special trails and facilities to serve disabled athletes of various abilities for adaptive recreation and rehabilitation. There is a VA Hospital a few miles away and this would be an activity that will help support wounded warriors.

The Friend of Pocahontas State Park has posted a map of the Ride Center on its site. If you asked me back in the mid-'90s when we started building trails in the park would we have a Ride Center I would have said no? But I am sure glad to see it happen!

Escaping The Dreary Confines posted up a visit from the IMBA Trail Crew. Also needing some help is the trails at Powhite Park. Here at Richmond Outside talks about the project and if you would like to help then go here.

I like the bridge crowdsourcing idea. I know some people might not have the time to get out and help with a project. The only free time that they might have is to get in a ride. But I believe that if you see that your money goes to a project like building a new bridge or replacing an old one you see what your money goes to the next time you ride.


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