Opinel No 8 Carbone || Sometimes Simple is All You Need

Opinel No 8 Carbone

Opinel knives have been making their way into French farmers' pockets since 1890. The Opinel No8 caught my eye a few months ago with its classic, timeless look simple design, and cheap price. I was able to purchase the knife online with a shipping cost of $13.00.

No 8 Made in France

Simple in design, a knife is a tool with a job to do, cutting that is. Looking for a knife to take on a bikepacking, touring or backpacking trip this might be your knife.

Opinel Carbone

My Opinel No8 has a beechwood handle and a carbon blade. The No8 comes either in carbon or stainless steel. You ask what's the difference between the different types of steel. The carbon blade is easy to sharpen. As you can see I had a couple of nicks in the blade right out of the box. With a DMT sharpener and about 5 minutes, I was able to get the nicks out of the blade and get shaving sharp. The carbon blade will rust or patina with use. The stainless steel is harder to sharpen but will not rust.

Is it a knife to take on a weekend bikepacking, touring, or backpacking trip? Time will tell, but right now, I would say it would be a great knife to take on an outing to cut cheese and summer sausage and wash it off with a beer. Since I like to use it on food items and it has a carbon blade that will rust I use Ballistol to oil the knife after use. So far this has worked on keeping the knife like you see in the first picture of this post.


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