You Don't have to Go Camping to Have Apple Cobbler

Today was just a great fall day with clear blue skies and a bit of coolness in the air. You don't have to go on a fall camping trip to enjoy apple cobbler cooked in a dutch oven.

Start off with a good seasoned dutch oven. I do like mine with foil to ease with clean-up.

While you are putting everything together start-up the charcoal to get some good hot coals.

Next, add apples. You can do this in a bunch of different ways. But I am just using four cans of fried apples. Two plain and two with cinnamon.

Next, I add some sugar.

Next, add your favorite yellow cake batter.

The cooking process. I find that the normal cook time is between 30-40 minutes. But I am going to make the first check-in 15 minutes.

Almost done, just need to brown the top.

This is good!

It is just amazing what you can cook in a dutch oven. It just seems that the food is just better! Any of the cobblers are easy to fix. There are many ways to mix and cook a cobbler in the dutch oven. This is just a method that I use.

Now let me get another bowl!


Dan O said…
Cool idea. Looks good !

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