Repairing A Meiser Presta Valve Gauge

Everything I read today on blogs and other sites that talk about tire set-up is, "How much tire pressure" someone is running for the type of wheel/tire set-up they have. As you know wheels and tires play a huge role in your ride. If you are like me and are still riding a retro bike (aka 26er pre-1998) then the tire pressure makes the difference between a sweet ride and one that beats you up!

I had purchased a Meiser Presta value gauge sometime ago and I cracked the gauge lens and it stops working like it should. But for some reason, I did not throw it away. Fast forward to the present, the replacement gauge that I purchased to replace the Meiser just stop working the other day. I guess it might be time to purchase a new one!

So I dug out the old Meiser gauge and figured I would see if I could get it to work again... Now for the sexy pictures of repairing a Meiser Presta valve gauge.

The Gauge: Since the "chuck" part is made from brass I figured it could be taken apart and serviced.

Using a shop rag I put the gauge in a vise to hold the brass chuck in place while I unscrewed the gauge from the chuck.

Gauge removed from chuck. There was some trash in the chuck when I removed the gauge. This must be the issue?

Next, I shot a little bit of Ballistol to lube the push-button release valve. If you are an outdoor guy you should have a can of Ballistol on your workbench. Click here to learn more about Ballistol

Add a little piece of pipe tape

Yep! I thought it was one piece but it breaks down again

After cleaning with Never Dull. Just like new other than the cracked lens...

Well, there you have it. The first and only step-by-step of repairing a Meiser value gauge.


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