This is Not Good!

I got around to cleaning the frame of my CX bike last Saturday. I had a strip of clear 3M tape running down the down tube. A spot near the bottom bracket was lifted up and had some dirt behind it. I started to pull the tape off and then the power came with it. To my horror was the rust behind the power.

As far as I can tell, there is only this section and some places on the seat tube that are like this. I can only guess what has caused the problem. I guess that this section did not get cleaned like it should before receiving the powder coat.

I have the bike stripped. That was the easy part. I also have received a new set of decals from the builder. The not so easy part is figuring out which route I take getting this fixed. Do I go with power again or do I go with paint? Do I go with someone local that has not power coated many bikes to save on shipping or find someone that has done 500 plus frames and have to ship?

I am going to take the next week to figure that one out...As my wife said, "It can be fixed. Just get it done." I think she told me those eight works from keeping me from having a meltdown.


Dan O said…
Ouch - and that bike is pretty new - correct?

Looks like the powder coat wasn't done correctly, the 3M tape held moisture in, then rust city.

Will the builder somehow warranty this? Or no way?
Brian Wright- said…
Yep, the bike is all most 3 years old. I am on my own to get this fixed..
Mission said…
I say take it to the local powder guy. Powder is the way to go for bike frames, I'm convinced of this.

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