Able to Leap over cars in a Single Bound

After many years of road riding and road running I got hit by a car. This morning four of us headed out for a run (part of our job). We were just about 4 or 5 minutes into the run when I cross the road to run facing the traffic. The very first road to my left a car is pulled up at a stop sign. The driver is looking at the traffic to their left which is my direction of travel.

I am coming up on the intersection to pass in front of the car. I am looking at the driver to make eye contact. I have this feeling come over me that the driver is not going to look to their right before pulling off at the stop sign.

Well the feeling came true about as fast as I had the thought and I find myself making a leap for the hood of the car think that I am going to hit the windshield. I ended up just running across the hood of the car and landing on my feet.

I turned to look at the driver and put up my hands like what is going on with you.. The drive looks at me for a few seconds and then takes off.

I don't know what the hell is wrong with people! She must have not cared about the dents I put in the hood...Right or wrong if you hit someone you need to stop! See if the person is OK call the police, give first aid. Show that you care..WTF


Dan O said…
Yikes - that was close. And there's no excuse for taking off. I was clipped on my bike - first time ever - last year. Woman also took off, but then circled back around to return. I had already left, but she received a ticket from a cop at the scene.

Wacky enough, co-worker and I almost was clipped today walking through an intersection in downtown Seattle. Woman blew right through a red light, totally oblivious.

In any case, glad you're not hurt. Be careful out there..

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