2012 Richmond Festival of Cross

This weekend marks another great weekend for cross racing in Richmond Va. with the Richmond Festival of Cross. I only had one day that I could give up watching the cross races this weekend.

With the forecast calling for a nice sunny day and temps in the 80s on Saturday and temps in the mid-50s with rain on Sunday. I figured the best day to go watch cross was on Sunday. Rain, mud, cold, grinding of brakes on rims and the look of this sucks on the racers faces would make for a good day.

I took my longtime friend Richard with me to get him out of the house since he is "man down" due to an injury. We arrived at the event as soon as the first pack of riders started and the rain started to come down heavy.

The race took place at the historic Chimborazo Park in Richmond VA. One of the seven hills that make up Richmond. Chimborazo Park was the site of Chimborazo Hosptial that treated the medical needs of the Confederate Army during the Civil War.

That stone staircase run-up has to suck the life out of you and I am sure being wet from the rain makes it harder to get up to the top.

The small field of Jr. riders!

Matching kit with the bike!

Little man making the push around the hilltop

Budget cuts are hitting the local teams. Wonder how you find parts for that thing!

And the best for last. Metro local pusher racing for Team Bikeman gets back out there to support his fellow racers. Das ist gut!


Dan O said…
Great to see cyclocross alive and well in other parts of the U.S. It continues to grow here in the bike loopy Pacific Northwest, with events now breaking 1000 racers. Crazy town.

Cool pics on your part - looks like some rain!

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