That's Normal Wear and Tear

For Father's Day, I received an Osprey Transporter 95. Click here to learn more about the transporter series of bags. I really like the bag.

I have been on two trips for work and one for vacation and every time I flew, it was on a US AIRWAYS flight. On my last trip for work, I grab my bag from baggage claim and made my way home. I had less than 24 hours before I was to catch another flight to go on vacation. Once I got home I started to unload my bag and could see some light from inside the bag. So I took a look at the end of the bag and see that I have damage to the end of the bag and there are two tears that you can see better from the inside than the outside of the bag.

Outside of bag

Inside of bag

When I went back to the airport I made a damaged baggage claim with US AIRWAYS. I was told this was normal wear and tear and that they would take my claim but would need to call the 1-800 number and follow-up with pictures.

A couple of days later I make the call only to be told that somebody will get back with me. About two weeks go by and no return call. So I find the time the other day to call back US AIRWAYS baggage call center. I tell the person at the call center what has or has not happened and the bottom line of that phone call and at this time was that my claim has been turned down and that this is normal wear and tear.

I told the individual that this is not normal wear and tear and it is not how I take care of my equipment. In my job my equipment has to be serviceable and in good shape and if it is not then I have to fix it or replace it. The pictures here are the same pictures that I will be sending into the resolution office. Just one more step (tactic) that the baggage call center is making me take to get my bag fix.

Wish me luck!


Scottie D said…
Don't let the bastards beat ya down...
Mission said…
I would contact Osprey about this as well. Yeah, airlines suck but the cordura used on this Osprey bag should not have failed in this manner after just a few trips.

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