DIY Project- MTB Orienteering Map Board

After finding out that there is going to be a local MTB Orienteering here at the park I started my research to find out more about the sport. I found that there is a map board that is used so you can ride and read your map at the same time. Conducting a search online you can find these boards for anywhere from $60-90. A little too rich for my blood for an event that I only see listed maybe twice a year.

With that, I figured that I could make my own. So here is my step-by-step picture of how to.

First is figuring out what parts I would need. So I started here; Five dollar clipboard and a mount for my NiteRider light.

Next, we need to take this noise maker out.

Next is take this part off.

Next, we need to add a spacer so I figured that a tire patch would work.

Here is what the spacer looks like.

I needed one more spacer. Can you guess what I used? Washer from a rear D pulley. See always keep those small parts...

Here is the finished product.

I guess this weekend I will see how this thing will work. I can tell you now that the board needs to be higher off the handlebar. If I had a cycle computer on the bar I could not use it.


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