Scouting Things Out II

If you take a quick read back at this post I was trying to find a new route down on the Appomattox River Trail. This past weekend I was able to get back down there.

Now it's only about six miles but it reminded me of old school mountain biking when you had to scout black market trails. Most of the trail is a mix of access road and double track and I guess ATV trail. I did have a hard time after the second wooden bridge to find which trail to take, so with that I provide you with waypoints.

Starting point: UTM 18S 0285544 4123368

First Bridge (Forest Service Type): 18S 0285155 4123128

Train Trussel: 18S 0284218 4122613

First Wooden Bridge: 18S 0283518 4122325

Tunnel from First Bridge:

Second Woonden Bridge: 18S 0283473 4122371

End of Trail Eastside: 18S 0280382 4122610

Westside of Road: 18S 0280344 4122608

End of Trail: 18S 0277854 4122335


Dan O said…
I grew up riding these kinds of trails as well.

Unmarked, through greenbelts, powerlines, gravel pits, and chunks of east coast woods.

Metro said…
Looks like a fun ride on the Walt.


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