No, we did not ride a loop, G and I circumnavigated Lake Chesdin. I was able to get out with G for a long ride. He had plans for a 76-mile route but that soon change when winds on Saturday started kicking up to 31 mph with some showers.

Lake Chesdin is a 3100-acre water supply reservoir on the south side of the county. Our circumnavigation took us through three counties.

No pictures of the lake (I would not take my hands off the bar to take a picture).But here is a good one for you...

We took shelter during a little shower at this old school house (Namozine School 1905).


Crankee said…
I wish I would have been able to join you guys. Joel G. and I did it Sunday. Not as windy. We stopped at Namozine School too. We also did some exploring. We rode the towpath beside the canal from Ferndale Park and found a trail over to River rd. We also detoured to the Chesdin Dam and found some singletrack along the river below the dam. Let's get together and do it again soon.
Brian Wright- said…
It was a hard ride Saturday the wind was a killer!

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