The new Kicks

It was cool that this year we had a white Christmas in Bikewright Land. That does not happen here all the time. I could count on one hand all the years that I remember that it has snowed on Christmas.

Yesterday the local bike forum had a post about a snow ride and some made it out but not as a group. Check out Joel Dirt he posted some pictures on his site. Also, Crankee has some pictures on his site from the snow we had a week or so ago.

I figured there was a good base of the white stuff to break out the new snowshoes that I got at the end of last year's snow season. I headed out for a 2-hour hike to Camp 7 and back. The weird thing was there were places that the snow was a good 5" deep and then you would hit some spots that it might be 2".

Here are some pictures from my hike.

I have not figured out why this square hole is in the tree, but whoever did it did a good job. Maybe a covert woodpecker cam??

Nice to get out for a couple hours. I hope we get some more snow or I am going to have to make a trip to White Grass to get some real snowshoeing this year.


Metro said…
Looks like fun dude, glad you had a good time.

Happy Holidays

Dan O said…
Nice shots. Square hole in tree - maybe a fence went through there at one time?
MrDaveyGie said…
It's starting to look like Iowa around your neck of the woods. Seems lotz of snow in a lot of places these days.

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