2010 Altius Festival of Cross

This past weekend was the Altius Festival of Cross. I was only able to get out and see the racing on Sunday at Chimborazo Park. My wife had to work so my daughter and I left mom at home. I figured anytime that I can get my daughter out to see other girls or women doing off-beat sports such as bike racing the better! Luck had it when we got there the women where racing.

Chimborazo Park was the first place that I raced cross in 1998 or 1999. It's been a while so I do not remember the year. But it is a great place to watch it because you can stand up on the hill and see all of the courses. Not only did we get to see the race but we also got to see Statue of Liberty and there is also the National Park Headquarters which is in the building that was the Chimborazo Hospital during the Civil War.

This clip is just after the start

Run up on the lower level of the park. From this point, I am only about 50 ft from where I took the first video.

My daughter and I sat at the barriers during the race and had lunch. What a great place to catch the action. Now there where two racers that I remember that I would like to share with you. One was a guy that I called him old school and he seem to like that. The dude was racing on an old Trek 620 with downtube shifters and basketball shorts. Check him out! Got to love it...

Next was this guy riding for ALAN. This dude was fast. the first clip is a group of guys I think in the same race at the barriers.

Now this is how it is done

While I was on my way back to the car I found this cool Ted Wojcik custom bike up on top of the car with an "Old School's" bike.


Dan O said…
Nice write up. Cool to see some local 'cross action from the other side of the US.

That's partly what's cool about 'cross - see people on zillion dollar carbon fiber bikes battling old school guys on 15 year old steel framed bikes.

In the end, the equipment doesn't matter - though cool to have - it's the experience that counts.

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