Right Out of the Box!

I believe the last time I had a new bike was in 1998 and I have been long overdue for a new one. I figured it was time in my life to get a bike built for me and I have been jonesing for a cross bike for 10 years. Here's what I was looking for. I wanted an American made steel cyclocross bike that I could race but could also be a bike for adventure and could handle some single track. It needed to be well built and would last for years to come.

So after 1 1/2 years of searching the web on custom builders and cyclocross bikes, I picked Waltworks to build my bike for me. Walt had already built a fork for me for my Bontrager and I have been very happy with it.

It has been a process since about April of this year. That's when I put my down payment and sent in my fit sheet to get on the waitlist. Then about the latter part of July, Walt and I started on the design process and then it was on to him building the bike. I would guess since the time we started to the time I received the bike we have emailed each other about 25 times and almost as many phone calls.

Having a custom bike built for you is different than going to your LBS and buying one off the showroom floor. I have to say that Walt was great to work with and he knows his stuff. So if you are looking for a builder then you need to check his site out!

Now on with some pictures!

Here's the frame in what I call Waltworks Team Blue

If you are going to build a custom bike you might as well have a custom headbadge made. This one is made by Jen Green of Revolution Cycles Jewelry

The fork

A little lug work. Walt keeps his builds on the low down and does not do a lot of lug work but this is standard on his bikes.

Kind of keeping with the seat tube with the lug look.

Kicking it old school with Breezer Dropout on the rear. Rear spacing is 132.5 so I can run road or mountain hubs.

Okay, that's all I have time for tonight. I am working on putting it all together and I will share the build list and why I picked what I did in another post.


Mission said…
Interested in a Saturday morning ride? Looks like that Walt is ready to hit some fire roads, maybe a bit of singletrack for good measure.
Metro said…

Keep the build pics coming.

Dan O said…
Man - that's nice. The build, the dropouts, the color - all of it.

It reminds me a bit of my '97 Ibis Hakkalugi. Then on top of it, the Fat City replica fork. Super cool.

Post some build pics when ready.

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