Building up the Walt

For just a couple of hours over the last couple of nights, I have been working on putting things together. I know for most people they would have a new dream bike put together in a couple of hours and would have some miles under their belt on their new ride. Not me! I want to take my time making sure things go together right and I like knowing how things work while I am putting it together. Be one with the bike!

Here's what I got

Walt has a really good deal on parts to make a build package. You can only get the parts if he is building you a frame. So don't ask him to sell you parts!

If you have been following my Blog for the past year you know I will make a post about items that are made in America and it was a goal for me to put as many parts as I could on the bike that were made in the GOOD OLD U.S.A.

First up is the Headset from
Cane Creek, I went with the 110 and it is CNC Machined in Fletcher, North Carolina. I have a Chris King on the Bontrager and wanted to try the 110.

Next up is the
Thomson Seat Post, Elite X4 stem and seatpost collar and they are located in Macon, Georgia. I went with Thomson because they are bombproof and they are just cool! Do I need to say anymore?

The last two come together and they are the brakes and pads. Because of a
Cyclocross magazine article I was going with IRD brakes but could not find them in stock so I went for the big money and got the Paul's Neo-Retro brakes.

Here you can see them on the fork

You can check the site out
here These things are cool! They look cool and the spring is on the outside. So they are backward to other brakes. They are a little different to set-up but seem to have tons of power. Made in Chico, California. The brakes come with Koolstop Thinline Brake Pads I am not sure where at in the US they are made but they are made here.

That's it in the Made in the USA department. Let's see how far I get on it on Friday. I have to pick up the Salsa Bell Lap bars and some spacers.


Dan O said…
Wow - extra sweet. That's gonna be one killer bike.

I've thought about the all USA bike also - not easy. Might be possible with a single speed however.

Keep the pictures coming. That blue paint looks fantastic.

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