Waltworks Waitlist- We are in Production!

The last time I posted anything about my Waltworks custom cyclocross bike was back in April when I made the waitlist. Now Walt has the tig welder out and cutting tubes. So the dream is coming together.

Now, this process is totally different than going down to the LBS and purchasing a bike. We spent a week on the phone an emails on the design. We would talk things out, I would take another measurement or a picture and then we would adjust and talk again.

I think the biggest difference in building a custom bike from purchasing one from the LBS is you have on idea what it is going to look like or how it's going to fit. I mean you know what a bike looks like but how is a longer TT or HT going to look and how is it going to fit. I think this is where you have to have trust in your builder and they have to have great communication skills.

The fork has been completed and the frame has been started. I did order a headbadge from Revolution Cycle Jewelry and I think that will make a nice touch to the bike.


Dan O said…
Nice - that should be one cool bike when complete.

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