The Hell with the Man!

That's right, the hell with the man! I took the week off just because. Well, not totally I had to take care of a few things last night. But other than that I have been able to do some work around the house and get a ride in about every day.

Yesterday I did some riding in Pocahontas State Park my local trail. I took a few pictures to share.

First up we have a nice rock garden on Lake View III. This part of the trail sits on top of a hilltop and looks like you are in the mountains which is two hours away.

Just up the trail, we come to another rock outcropping where somebody has put a little bike mojo up. This is my favorite section of the trail!

The weather has been crazy this week. On Tuesday I was in the hopes of doing a 30 plus mile road ride. I got cut short due to a rain shower. It must have only rain in a 5-mile area, but it was hard rain and I got good a wet.


Dan O said…
I do the same occasionally - time off from work with nothing planned.

Since it's a weekday off with the rest of the family locked into their schedules - rare free time to myself.

I'll usually walk the kids to school, go for a ride, combined with meeting some previous work pals for lunch. Hit a few bike shops on the way home, then time my return to ride alongside my kids as they get out of school.

Then we'll do something in the afternoon to give the wife a break from the usual routine.

That's all I really need. Doing a local road or mountain bike ride is a mini-vacation for me. Good cheap fun as well.

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