Day Hiking in Tursunzoda Tajikistan || Part 3

 Editor's note: This article was originally published on 20 March 2010 and has been updated in August 2019 for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

This is our third post in our series. Navigate over to our previous post at Day Hiking in Tursunzoda Tajikistan Part 1 and Day Hiking in Tursunzoda Tajikistan Part 2

 After we left the village and finished viewing the dinosaur prints our group takes a lunch break on a grassy saddle that overwatches the village that we left earlier in the day. Our guides pull out hot green tea which is the Tajik National Drink. They have been carrying the tea in their packs for the group to enjoy. My small team had gone to the market the night before the hike and we loaded up on cheese and non or in Tajik (HoH) which is a flatbread found throughout Central Asia. 

Looks like the village boys effort pay off and make a score for some lunch

Trail Marker?

Our group splits up with those that want to take an extended lunch break and those of us that want to push on to ascend the mountain. 

The view from the saddle as one group ascends the mountain

We had to watch out for falling rocks from the hikers above us.
Just follow the donkey, he knows where he's going...It is amazing that these animals just graze on the mountain.
Free-range mules. 

Overlooking the area that we will cross the river on our way back to our vehicles. 

This is right out of Indiana Jones. This was a monkey bridge that was up the river from the village that we left earlier in the day and is used by the people who live here on the river every day.

It was awesome to have the opportunity to participate in this guided day hike. While my group didn't have hiking gear other than the patrol packs we were able to pull together the items that we needed while out for the day. Tajikistan supplies you with culture, ruggedness, and beautiful countryside,  everything you would want in an adventure.


Dan O said…
Wow - crazy bridge. Look pretty safe....

Cool reports, pictures and video.
Unknown said…
that place needs some singletrack! ROCK!