What a Week !!!

Due to the crazy world in which we live I have not been able to post anything about my outdoor outing last Sunday. Which I will share in just a bit. I was called out for this event last Tuesday and I did not get home to sleep until Wednesday around 1:30 pm and I have been going ever since. So back to last Sunday. My wife was having to work at the house and my little one and I needed to get out of the house. So I called my buddy Ron to meet us for a short hike on the Appomattox River. Go here to learn more about the Appomattox River. Little did we know that our 30-45 min hike was going to take a few hours. A lot of work has been done on the river to make the Appomattox River Heritage Trail. The Friends of the Lower Appomattox have been the lead group on this effort. When this is done it will be as long or longer than the trail system on the James River in Richmond. Here I am going to share some pictures that I took. I don't know how old somethings are but I would guest that somethings go back to the Civil War. From the river looking up at Virginia State College. Julia with here walkie-talkie Fast moving water at first dam This must have been the site of an old mill. Cool stone work! I bet it looked just as cool looking down on the river as it did looking up. After the hike we made a stop at Longstreet’s Deli—302 N Sycamore St. FYI on Monday's they close at 3:00 pm. Great food and Beer. I think I counted 22 taps!


Dan O said…
Nice shots. The bare winter trees ad landscape remind me of my East Coast roots.

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